IT Migration

Data center migrations are always challenging and complex. We have a number of resources and a whole lot of experience available to reduce the challenges involved in moving IT equipment.
network engineers giving IT migration support

Logistical Support

  • Logistical support can be offered to help get your IT equipment to its location safely and to execute various aspects of your migration.
  • For example, short-term hardware rentals can be used to replicate one or multiple systems to assist with smaller migration projects.
  • We will work with your team to develop hardware recommendations and logistics management to create a comprehensive plan. 

Asset Swap Programs

Asset swap programs can be used to replicate your IT environment at a new data center location. The data can then be migrated to the new environment and run in parallel to ensure data and system integrity. Once the new environment is stable, the old IT environment is “swapped out” for the new. This results in reduced migration risk and can have a positive financial impact depending on the book value of your equipment.

network engineer working on asset swap IT migration
racks of servers in data center depicting enterprise server procurement

Data Replication and Backup

Your data and applications are critical to the operation of your business. That is why it is imperative to develop a solid continuity plan for your migration. At NVINT, we can help you develop the appropriate strategy to make sure your data and applications are safe. We can provide full data replication services or provide a temporary backup repository to assist in your migration project. Our world-class data center and experienced technical specialists will give you peace of mind.

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